7 Erotic Nights

A course in intimacy & pleasure for singles, dating & committed partners

with Charla Hathaway, PhD., Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Surrogate Partner Therapist, author of Erotic Massage, and founder of BodyJoy Intimacy School, Austin, TX

Enjoy Dr. Charla’s gentle, hands-on encounters for 7 sequential sessions that teach deep pleasure and lasting intimacy. Enjoy learning in your own home, scheduling sessions at your convenience, once a week for 7 weeks. Follow her online video & ebook that guide each 2 hour session of sensual touching, talk and play.  Join Coach Charla and other students on her personal call each week for more guidance and inspiration on your juicy ‘homework!’

Students say, “I love the committed, uninterrupted time to put intimacy first.” One man said, “I discovered a new continent!” A woman said, “It was like being courted all over again.”  Students say, “The sessions are well-crafted, tailored and thought out. We fell in love all over again.”

Begin tonight. Students say, “It’s the best part of my week!”

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Is 7 Erotic Nights Course Right For Me?

Do you want ….

  • To talk about sex with more ease & confidence?
  • To wake up your skin to more pleasure?
  • To become curious and playful in the bedroom?
  • To express how you like to be touched?
  • To feel safe & connected with yourself and partner(s)?

Whether you’re single, dating or are in a committed relationship, 7 Erotic Nights is a course designed for you who are ready to make a change, who realize intimacy is a learned skill, and want more connection and pleasure in your relationships.  It’s for you who want to research and express your desires, fine tune whole body touching, risk saying the ‘unsaid,’ and empower your sexuality with clarity, choice and consent.

Past students advise all you need to do is show up—however you are—you don’t need to be feeling erotic or sexy! The program does the rest; It’s that simple.  It’s natural in a couple for one person to want the course more than the other.  Just agree to start, the sessions grow.  Penetrative sex (with genitals) is not part of the course. Sessions focus on creative ways to contain sexual energy, making love with your hands for whole body pleasuring and playful erotic intrigue.

7 Erotic Nights is recommended for adults of all ages, orientations, and levels of desires. It works well for those who have a great sex life as well as those wishing for changes.

What Will I Learn?

Each night’s magic builds on previous sessions. Coach Charla offers 4 or 5 activities in each session, gleaned from the best hands-on, successful exercises she has taught 6,000+ students over the last 15 years.  You’ll feel yourself with new skin, see with new eyes, and experience life and love with a new heart.

  • You’ll play the 3 Minute Game and have fun finding out and asking for what you want.
  • You’ll learn ’for you’ and ‘for me’ touch and why taking turns is so exciting.
  • You’ll recognize the difference between ‘wanting’ vs. ‘willing’ and be able to choose between them.
  • You’ll enjoy the relaxing slowness of one-directional touch.
  • You’ll practice Masters and Johnson’s ‘sensate focus‘ caresses for in-the-moment ecstasy.


Why Is Such A Course Necessary?

Overcome fear of intimacy

Most of us have some fear of Intimacy—and it leaves us lonely and sad.  We often feel unsafe and unsure about how our sexual interests will be accepted, so avoid starting anything.  We avoid getting sexual with a partner because we fear we cannot not express who we are and what we want sensually.  Or, if we do engage sexually, we shut down during sex because it’s not working for us, yet we feel powerless to change anything that’s happening.  We want our partners to read our mind so we don’t have to say what they want, and then feel disappointed and resentful when partners aren’t mind readers.

Go on a ‘pleasure diet’

We often have knee jerk reaction to pleasure, not me, not now.  We don’t understand the value of pleasure—it’s healing, it’s spiritual nature, it’s rejuvenating power.  This course will put you on a ‘pleasure diet,’ and from this new perspective as a Pleasure Activist, you’ll change the course of your relationship and life.

Take back your body

As adults many of us fear intimacy because we have not learned to “take back our bodies.”  Erotically mature adults need to get back in the driver’s seat with their own bodies.  The mantra and interwoven thread of 7 Erotic Nights is “I choose and I decide at all moments what happens on my body—I give and get only what I decide in every moment.”  This is sexual empowerment, and 7 Erotic Nights aims to teach one to trust their own body, and express their will with clarity, compassion and consistency.

We are taught to do for others (perform)

We are socialized to think that sex is all about giving to the other person, and don’t really know how to receive pleasure in our own body.  Culturally, people don’t really believe they deserve to “receive,” and choose to give because they feel more in control and less vulnerable.  Often a person’s main mode of pleasure comes from turning on their partners vs. feeling their own sensations and pleasure.  This can lead to partners “performing” for each other, and neither one receiving much pleasure.  Many individuals think there is a right way to do sex, like in the movies, and that there must be something wrong with them, “I’m just too slow, too fast, too weird, too slutty, too uptight, or too-something.”  And most importantly, often partners say “yes” to things they don’t really want out of fear of losing connection with their partner.

We learned as children to tolerate unwanted touch, and still do

Many people have grown up to be “yes sayers” and learn from a very early age to tolerate and go along with touch they don’t want.  Many also learn to shut down around “unwanted touch.”  As children, before we had words, our survival strategy was to let others “have their way with us”—like getting strapped in a car seat, or high chair, told to stand up and sit down, give auntie a kiss, sit on Grandpa’s lap, or go fishing with Uncle Joe.  Our bodies were ordered around like little toy soldiers.  We survived by letting others “do their will on us” at a time when we were powerless to do anything about it.  Some situations were more abusive than others—but all of us were controlled at some level.  This pre-verbal message to tolerate uninvited touch is not only learned in the mind, it’s embedded in our bodies, and as adults we carry these bodies ready “to go along with whatever” into our bedrooms, with disastrous results.

What You Get


Charla’s video instruction (10 min.) for the next erotic adventure!



Charla’s 7 Erotic Nights ebook, your night by night guidebook to pleasure & intimacy (15 min. read)

Group Calls

Charla’s weekly group coaching calls (1 hour each)

Facebook Group

Private Facebook Page where Charla gives advice & inspiration

Retreat Invite

Invites to enjoy Charla and other graduates at her Love & Intimacy Retreats

Renewed Intimacy!

New ways to Talk, Touch & Play for a lifetime


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